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My Approach


I’m used to working with a variety of stakeholders: Executives, in-house communications or marketing professionals, project teams, department leaders, staff, members, partners, media, customers, and suppliers, etc. Taking a cooperative approach, I recognize the value of each member of a client’s team, and balance their expertise and perspective with mine.


With a view from the outside, I offer a fresh look at how initiatives can be approached. Even when I’m familiar with an organization, I keep my consultant’s hat close at hand, providing recommendations when I see opportunity for improvement.  Most projects demand a significant amount of independent work. When that’s the case, I’m very capable of proactively managing the tasks at hand.


My communications skills are highly transferable from one industry to another and I adjust quickly from client to client and project to project. Although much of my work to date has been within the health, education and technology sectors, I’ve worked on a large number of projects, each with its unique focus and group of stakeholders.  As the needs and availability of a client can fluctuate on a daily basis and throughout the term of a project, I’m able to quickly re-prioritize so you get the most out of my time.


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Jane Thomas | Communications Consultant & Writer | Vancouver, BC, Canada

Specializing in health care, education and more